I still remember the time when I first started taking yoga lessons. However, I did not start completely by myself, as I was keen to know the benefits of yoga.

My personal and professional lives were strongly interlinked, which caused a lot of stress.

Mental stress with physical Issues became a problem in my life when I thought of trying yoga mat exercises.

The first time when I stepped onto your yoga mat, I was not sure whether this would become an ongoing thing.

However, if you ask me now, yoga has become a personal space for me where I can connect with my inner self and improve my physical and mental well-being.

The more I delve deeper into practice, the more I realise the impact of yoga mat exercises on me, both physically and mentally.

So, in this article, I would like to talk about my transformative journey with yoga exercises. I would equally like to talk about the yoga exercise mat and how it is significant in improving the yoga experience.

So, stick with me as in this blog, we will discuss the way I entered the world of yoga, the importance of a great yoga exercise mat, my daily yoga mat exercises, and the top manufacturers from whom you can buy yoga mats.

So, let’s find out.

Discovering Yoga: 

When I initially decided to start practising yoga, it was a typical period in my life.

It was really stressful. Balancing my personal commitments and work environment was becoming impossible, which was definitely having a bad impact on my physical and mental health.

I was badly in need of a way to manage stress and improve my overall well-being. This is when one of my colleagues and my friend recommended practising yoga mat exercises in class.

I was not sure about the result back then, but I decided to give it a try.

My initial experience was both challenging and enlightening, I must say. When I attended the first class, it was a combination of excitement and challenge.

It was really becoming hard to even get the instructor’s guidance for different poses.

However, with deliberate and slow movement and deep breathing exercises, I was able to conquer and maintain peace in my daily life.

However, I must say that everything comes with a fair piece of challenge. My beginning days were really struggling as I did not have the flexibility to try different poses.

My muscles were stiff, I had poor Balance, and I did not have patience. All of these led to frustration. However, I decided to stick around to observe where it led me.

Importance of a Good Yoga Mat

I did not know the importance of a quality yoga exercise mat, unless I started it. It was by an accident. During the early days of yoga practice, I was using thin and cheap quality mats that I picked from a local store. Initially, it served my purpose, but I started noticing issues.

The mat would easily slip on the floor, and my hands and feet would slide. It was making it hard to exercise and maintain balance. This was when I started looking for high-quality and the best yoga mat for exercise.

Once I was able to find one, I soon was able to experience an astounding difference. From my personal experience, you need to check the features while deciding on the best yoga mat for exercise.

  • Thickness: The thickness of the mat clearly plays an important role. When I used a thin mat, it caused discomfort, especially when I was practising on a hard floor. So, it is always better to look for maths mats with more than 5 MM thickness to provide comfort and cushion.
  • Grip: A good yoga exercise mat must have a non-sleep surface that keeps the user steady while practising different poses. This is crucial for maintaining balance and preventing injury.
  • Material: Initially, I did not know much about materials, but I eventually realised that choosing natural materials or eco-friendly choices can be a doable and beneficial decision.

From my personal experience, the benefits of choosing the best yoga mat for exercise can provide comfort, cushion, stability, durability, and improved experience while you practise yoga.

I was unaware in my initial days, but now I clearly know the need to invest in quality yoga exercise mats, and I would recommend you do the same. Instead of making it hard for your body during the initial days when it is already harder, choose high-quality yoga mats to make Exercises a bit easier.

Best Yoga Mat for Exercise

If you are new, you will find it a bit perplexing to choose the right yoga exercise mat. It was the same for me as well.

As there is quite a large variety of yoga mats, it is important that you have knowledge before you choose. I started with a comprehensive research process to understand all the different types and then chose.

My research process included reading reviews and articles from reputed fitness and wellness websites, analysing customer feedback on Online e-commerce platforms, and seeking expert opinions.

Apart from this, I also asked my friends who were taking yoga classes with me for better references. According to my knowledge, I find EVA, TPE, and Cork mats to be the most durable and easy to manage mats.

EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Mats are reputed for their versatility and affordability. They are generally waterproof, easy to clean, lightweight, and available in different thicknesses.

However, I recommend that you choose a reputed yoga mat manufacturer in Delhi to find the thickness according to your requirements.

I recommend EVA because it provides excellent shock absorption and is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry and very simple to maintain and clean these maps.

TPE Mats or Thermoplastic Elastomers are again an environment-friendly choice and are known for their durability. They are biodegradable, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and have superior elasticity.

I generally recommend TPE mats because they are eco-friendly, made with recyclable materials, provide excellent comfort, and are known for their long-lasting nature.

Cork mats have gained popularity due to their sustainability and natural properties. Cork is a natural product, which makes it easy to manage, anti-microbial, and non-slip.

I recommend cork mats as they provide excellent grip, are made with renewable resources and are resistant to odour, mold and mildew.

If you want to know my personal favourite, I generally choose EVA materials because of their grip and the range of thickness they provide. I personally prefer thick yoga mats to get the cushion underneath my joints, so EVA mats are always my first choice.

Transformative Yoga Exercises

I have been working for a long time, but I have experienced transformation after I started practising yoga. It has been a transformative journey in my life that offered me both mental and physical benefits. So, I dedicated my daily routine to focusing on some specific poses.

I would say that initially, it will not be easy, but if you’re diligent and committed, you will be able to experience great transformation. Here is the routine that I generally follow and the favourite poses of yoga mat exercises practice.

My daily routine incorporates yoga. I generally schedule 30-minute yoga mat exercises. It helps to keep my body and mind in the right shape.

I typically combine a lot of poses, but here, I will include the top three poses that you can start as a beginner. My schedule also includes morning stretches, core strengthening poses, and 10 minutes of relaxation or meditation.

1. Mountain Pose (Sanskrit: Tadasana)

Keep in mind that you need the best yoga mat for exercise. Mountain pose requires you to stand tall, keeping your feet together and arms at your side. The weight must be evenly distributed. You must engage your thighs, lift your chest, and start breathing deeply.

It is known to be a foundational pose that can improve balance, alignment, and posture. It generally engages the entire body and promotes stability and strength.

2. Chair Pose (Sanskrit: Utkatasana)

One of the most common yoga mat exercises in my daily routine is the chair pose. You have to stand by keeping your feet together and bend your knees. Gradually lower your hips the way you would be sitting on a chair. Now, extend your arms overhead and maintain the position while deep breathing.

It is a great pose for strengthening your calves, thighs, and spine. It is also a great exercise for stimulating your abdominal organs and heart, improving endurance and stamina.

3. Down Dog on a chair (Sanskrit: Uttana shishosana)

It might be a little hard initially, but with regular practice, you will gain expertise. Make sure that you choose a thick yoga exercise mat for this posture. You need to place your hand on a chair and keep your feet back while stretching your spine. Keep the hips high while your head is between your arms, and maintain a straight line from hand to hips.

It is a variation of downward dog that helps to stretch shoulders, hamstrings, and spine. It is especially beneficial for people who have tight hamstring or wrist issues.

From my personal experience, I can mention that yoga practice has helped me experience profound changes in my mental and physical health. The way I initially struggled with balance and flexibility has now gone unnoticed with the yoga mat exercises.

 Choose The Top Yoga Mat Manufacturers in Delhi

I would definitely not recommend that you make the same mistake I made in my initial days by choosing the wrong quality yoga exercise mat.

Rather, you can choose a yoga mat manufacturer in Delhi offering a diverse range of mats so that you can make a choice according to your requirements and budget.

MatsMania is the best yoga mat manufacturer in Delhi, in my opinion, as they have thoroughly helped me in several ways.

Not only did they help me get the best yoga mat for exercise, but I was also able to make the decision with their expert help. They personally questioned me regarding what I was looking for and recommended the product that would fit best for me.

Thankfully, they have a wide range of product availability which made me choose a thick quality yoga exercise mat. If you want me to recommend, I would recommend you to visit MatsMania.


I hope I was able to elaborate on my transformative journey with yoga mat exercises. Remember that it is not too late to start.

Irrespective of your age, I recommend you choose the best yoga mat for exercise and then start practising this transformative process.

Initially, you might face trouble, but eventually, you will gather experience, flexibility, knowledge, and strength.

I hope I was able to inflict motivation and encourage you to be a part of this transformative journey.