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Mats Mania

Kabaddi Mats

Product Details:

Usage / Application





20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm


1 mtr * 1 Mtr


Red and Blue

Type of sports mat


Country Of origin

Made in india

Approx. prices:

Rs 585 / Piece

MatsMania is dedicated to being your premier destination for top-tier kabaddi mats. We meticulously consider every detail to help you select the finest mats for your needs.

Your Trusted Kabaddi Mat Dealer

At MatsMania, we understand the critical role of a high-quality kabaddi mat in the game. That’s why we offer premium mats at competitive prices to ensure your satisfaction.

Comfortable & Lightweight

Our mats are designed for comfort and ease of movement, ensuring fluid gameplay.

Water Resistant

Each mat is water-resistant, simplifying maintenance and cleaning.

Wide Selection

Choose from a broad array of options tailored to meet various needs and preferences.

Superior Quality

Enjoy firm, soft, and non-slip mats engineered to prevent slips and enhance safety.

Long Lasting

Crafted from natural materials, our mats are built to last, giving you excellent value for money.

Reasonable Price

We pride ourselves on offering the most affordable prices for kabaddi mats across India.


Top-Quality Kabaddi Mats at Competitive Prices

A professional kabaddi mat is essential for players aiming for peak performance. Our mats are crafted from high-grade EVA and interlocking materials, designed to provide the optimal features needed for the game. Browse through our extensive selection to find the perfect mat tailored to your needs.

MatsMania Offers Bulk Kabaddi Mats

Ensure the safety and performance of practitioners and students with our full-size kabaddi mats. As a leading manufacturer in India, we specialize in providing high-quality mats in bulk at unbeatable prices.

Our mats are ideal for both instructors and enthusiasts, designed to enhance the enjoyment of the sport. Looking for custom options? Our skilled team can tailor mats to meet your specific needs. As your trusted supplier, we’re committed to delivering exceptional value and quality at the most reasonable prices.


Benefits of Using a Kabaddi Mat

A high-density kabaddi mat is crucial for the intense dynamics of the game. Our mats feature exceptional anti-skid properties to enhance safety and performance. We offer a wide range of sizes at competitive prices, understanding the numerous advantages they provide:


Comfortable, secure surface for essential player safety.


The cushioning reduces injury risks, supporting players’ performance.


Enhances grip, allowing players to excel and perform at their best.

Best Quality Kabaddi Mat Prices

Choosing a full-size kabaddi mat at the right price can be challenging. We make the decision easy with the best rates in India for all your needs. Whether it’s in bulk or a single mat, we guarantee competitive pricing.

Need custom sizes for different venues? Contact us with your specifications and venue size, and we’ll deliver a top-notch kabaddi mat at a price that matches your budget.


Premier Kabaddi Mat Manufacturer in India

In your quest for the finest kabaddi mat manufacturers, the priority is safety and minimizing injury risks. Selecting a trusted and seasoned manufacturer is essential.

MatsMania stands out with extensive experience, ensuring a diverse range of kabaddi mats in various thicknesses tailored to your needs. We commit to high-density materials for maximum shock absorption and injury prevention.


MatsMania uses high-quality EVA and interlocking materials to manufacture kabaddi mats. These materials are selected for their durability, high density, and excellent shock absorption properties to ensure player safety and comfort.

Yes, MatsMania offers kabaddi mats for both bulk and individual purchases. We provide competitive wholesale rates for bulk orders, ensuring that our clients receive the best value for their investment.

Absolutely. Our kabaddi mats are engineered with exceptional anti-skid properties to prevent slips and falls, providing a safe and stable playing surface that allows players to perform at their peak.

Yes, MatsMania can provide custom-sized kabaddi mats to fit various venue sizes and requirements. You can contact us directly with your venue specifications, and we will ensure that you receive the best-fit mats at a reasonable price.

MatsMania kabaddi mats are designed with player safety and performance in mind. They are comfortable, secure, and feature cushioning that reduces injury risks. With our long-standing experience in the market, we guarantee high-quality mats that meet diverse playing needs and enhance the kabaddi experience.