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EVA, TPE, Cork, Cotton and Jute




2×6 ft., 3×6.5 ft.


On Bulk Orders


Blue, Black and Many More!


Plain, Layered

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Made in india

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Welcome to MatsMania- Your premier destination where you can get high-quality yoga mats. We are the trusted yoga mats manufacturer in Delhi, offering comfort and durable Yoga mats for yoga enthusiasts.

MatsMania is A Testament To Quality And Commitment

MatsMania is an online yoga mat shop in Delhi that offers exceptional-quality yoga mats. We are a testament to innovation and quality. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction sets us apart. Customers’ evolving requirements and the growing demand for yoga mats constantly challenge us to think outside the box.


Quality Materials

Crafted from quality materials for ultimate comfort in every yoga session.

Superior Grip

The yoga mats available with us ensure performance and safety with enhanced grip.

Variety of Thickness

We offer yoga mats in different thicknesses to help you choose according to your physical needs.


Customisation Options

We offer customised yoga mats in Delhi that will be tailored as per your specifications.



The yoga mats available with us are known for improving durability and performance over time.

Colours and Textures

We provide you options to choose from different textures and colours to exceed your expectation.

High-end Yoga Mats For Uninterrupted Yoga Practice

As more people have joined the yoga journey, they are now looking for high-quality yoga mats. Finding the best yoga mats supplier in Delhi can be a task, but it is necessary if you want to avail yourself of high-quality yoga mats that ensure uninterrupted practice.

As these mats provide cushion underneath the joints, they help you practise without feeling hurt in your knees.

Advanced yoga practises require you to choose the right yoga mat to offer the comfort you need. At MatsMania, we understand the requirements and create quality mats.

With us, you can also be assured of getting the best yoga mat price in Delhi that no one can offer. From customisation to finding multiple choices, we ensure customer satisfaction in every step.

MatsMania is A reliable Online Yoga Mat Shop in Delhi.

It can be a daunting task to look for the best yoga mats in Delhi for the first time. When you search for a yoga mat shop in Delhi online, the overwhelming choice can become a nightmare. With MatsMania being the epitome of reliability, we can become your go-to choice if you’re looking for quality yoga mats. Being a part of the industry for a long time has helped us gather ample knowledge of the build quality required for yoga mats.

We provide a wide range of services to ensure that every yoga enthusiast gets something that meets their requirements. However, if you think that the variety in our online yoga mat shop is inadequate and you’re not able to find something that meets your desires, we are open to customisation. We tailor the mats to your specifications to ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable while practising yoga.

Customization Services Available At MatsMania:

Let’s talk about customisation! If you are selective, it is true that you will not be able to find something from the general varieties. So, we at MatsMania provide you the opportunity to customise our yoga mat according to your desired requirements. We can make customisation of the following.


Our yoga mats in Delhi can be customised according to your required thickness to offer you ample support.


If you want a smaller or longer yoga mat, you can reach out to our customer care executive and customise the size.

If you have specific needs for print and texture, we can also do that. You can tell us your requirements.

We Also take Bulk Orders:

At MatsMania, we want to be the solution for everyone associated with yoga.

Whether you are someone who practices yoga or you are a yoga trainer, we aim to become a solution for everyone.

If you are a yoga trainer who has your own class and you want to create a brand, we are your trusted yoga mats manufacturer in Delhi to customise the mats as per your brand requirements.

Whether you want a specific colour, print or texture, we are here to take bulk orders.

With us, you can get yoga mats wholesale in Delhi, specifically for bulk orders.

MatsMania: One Shop For Different Yoga Mats​

As we aim to become the final choice for different yoga enthusiasts, we provide a wide range of varieties. Even if you choose to customise, you can tell us the type of yoga mat you want in terms of the material you want and the other customisation requirements. The different varieties available to us help us provide you with the material of your choice.

EVA Yoga Mats

EVA yoga mats are one of the most common materials. They provide a proper balance of performance and eco-friendliness. The durability, cushion, and excellent grip offered by rubber material make it a beneficial choice for the yoga enthusiast. Additionally, having hypoallergenic properties makes it a beneficial decision and a mindful choice. We also offer customization for this product if you require.

Cork Yoga Mats

Cork yoga mats are another variety of yoga mats that are available to us. This type is known to provide a nonslip and sustainable surface for practice. These are again an eco-friendly material and offer excellent grip even during sweat. The natural texture and the cushion you get make Cork mats, a good choice for Advanced practices.

TPE Yoga Mats

TPE materials are known for being eco-friendly and recyclable. These have cushions and are lightweight in nature, which you need while practising yoga on a regular basis. Additionally, the stickiness in the texture gives the stability while practising different yoga posture. People who are looking for an option That would not be allergic to their skin can choose TPE yoga mats from us.


It is true that you will find different names available in the market, but choosing a supplier and manufacturer helps you get the best quality at the most competitive price. At MatsMania, we make it easier to get high-quality materials at the best yoga mat prices in Delhi.

Most commonly, no, but with us, yes. We are an online yoga mat shop in Delhi that manufactures and supplies yoga mats to different parts of the nation. Ordering directly from us allows you to customise the yoga mat, such as its size, thickness, and appearance.

You can choose any material depending on your budget and requirements. However, for adults or senior people, it is better to look for a yoga mat with 10 to 12 mm thickness. This will help them get the comfort they need while practising different poses.

There is no such specific answer to the best type of yoga mat as it depends on your body requirement. The primary aim of yoga mat is to give relaxation and cushion to your body so that you can practise different posture. You can choose from a white variety according to the physical Requirements.

If you’re someone who practising yoga, you understand the need for cushion and stickiness required while practising different poses. So, whether it is for the grip or for the cushion, a yoga mat is mandatory. The comfort and grip you get on these mats will provide you the Ease while practising different yoga posture.