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EVA, TPE, Cork, Cotton and Jute




2×6 ft., 3×6.5 ft.


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Blue, Black and Many More!


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MatsMania aims to help you in the journey towards improving your inner peace. We are the leading yoga mat manufacturer in India to offer support and comfort during your yoga session.

What Makes MatsMania Better Than Others?

Yoga is a practice that has been around since ancient times. This practice fosters mental and physical healing. We aim to become the best yoga mat brand in India because we just don’t want to do business but something that would have a socially enriching cause.

Prevents Injury

Selecting the best yoga mat in India reduces the chances of injury as it offers stability underneath.

Ensure Sanitation

Using your chosen yoga mats ensures you are in your clean space while practising yoga.

Offers Comfort

yoga mats cushions helps the body by giving it the ample support it requires during complex poses.

Enhance Stability

Buying the best quality yoga mat online in India improves stability due to the enhanced grip on the floor.

Improves Concentration

When you're in a tidy and don't feel pain, you can concentrate while practicing.

Gives Warmth

A yoga mat can retain the body's heat and provide a warmer surface to work on instead of a bare floor.

A rolled up yoga mat in a serene setting

Yoga Mats Enhances Practice Results

Yoga mats are a staple while practising yoga. It is no secret that you are able to practice seamlessly when you buy yoga mat online in India from the top manufacturers. But do you know yoga mats can improve your practice results?

Yes, you read it right; yoga mats can improve your practice. However, you must choose quality mats that have the comfort and grip you need while practising.

Choose Your Desirable Yoga Mat in MatsMania:

As a part of the journey for years now, you have witnessed the demand for yoga mats. As people are now much more concerned about their health, Yoga has become a common practice in households. With us, you can buy quality yoga mats in a few simple steps. We resonate with the need for health concerns; hence, we manufacture mats that will be a part of your journey.

We are also among the top yoga mat wholesale suppliers in India, and you can buy these products online. The prime motto of the online shop is to allow you to choose from diverse varieties. With us, the journey to choosing quality mats becomes easier. All you need to do is visit us, choose, and buy. It is not only about being comfortable but also about choosing a mat that resonates with your personality. So, take a look at our store.

Our quality yoga mats will make your yoga practice enjoyable

Why Are We Unique?

Our quality yoga mats will make your yoga practice enjoyable. We have been manufacturing yoga mats for years, and we ensure that we surpass the changing demands.

With us, you can also get the best yoga mat price in India. Once you visit our online store, we are sure that you will find something that fits your needs.

yoga mat with a geometric pattern

We Customize

We are the only manufacturer in India that provides you the opportunity to customize yoga mats.

several rolled-up yoga mats with intricate patterns

Many Options

We have a wide variety of yoga mats for every user so that they can find something they need while practising.

high-performance yoga mat with a unique design

We Create

Being part of this journey for decades has given us the wisdom to create unique yoga mats for unmatched performance.

Customise your Yoga Mats

If you are particular about yoga mats or you are searching for custom yoga mats in India, you have us. 

We understand that not everyone will like the predesigned varieties. So, we have custom slots created for our customers to help them create something that resonates with their persona.

If you run a yoga centre and you want to create your brand identity, you have our back, We can incorporate your mats as per the branding and send them in bulk. 

We are your solution for different needs. From single to bulk to readymade to customised mats, MatsMania offers comprehensive solutions.

Shop for any Yoga Mat Type

As one of the leading and largest yoga mat wholesale suppliers in India, we want to become a one-stop solution for your diverse needs. We keep different varieties.

When it comes to the types of yoga mats, we ensure that we have enough to fulfill your specific needs in terms of materials. We can fulfil your needs even if you are looking for a printed yoga mat in India.

Cotton Yoga Mats

Cotton is one of the most common materials used in India. We manufacture yoga mats from cotton because of its unmatched breathability and comfort. The natural fibres used in the process offer a soft texture to the entire mat. It is ideal for people seeking to improve comfort and grip while practising. Besides being lightweight and eco-friendly, it has zero maintenance.

rolled-up blue and white cotton yoga mat
EVA yoga mat rolled up

Eva Yoga Mats

High-quality EVA mats are the best yoga mats to buy in India. EVA yoga mats with us for the epitome of quality.

These are engineered to last for a long time and provide the comfort that you seek while practising.

Even if you are into rigorous practice, these mats stand for the test of time. You can rest assured that you are choosing the best quality.

Jute Yoga Mats

Jute is again an ancient material used for several purposes in India. Similarly, as we are well aware of the demand, we use this high-quality material to manufacture yoga mats.

If you are searching for a competitive jute yoga mat price in India, no one can beat MatsMania. With us, quality remains uncompromised with being heavy of your pockets.

We also give you the opportunity to customise the jute yoga mats as per your specifications. Just reach out to us today to tell us about your needs, and we will take care of the rest.

jute yoga mat rolled up


One of the most common questions our clients ask is about the best material. As the leading yoga mat manufacturer in India, we mostly deal with the best materials. One of the best materials for yoga mats that would help you in your daily activity is high-quality Eva materials. They are eco-friendly and lightweight. You also get an excellent grip and cushion with EVA Yoga mats.

The thickness of the yoga mat primarily aims to provide the comfort you need while practising a yoga mat on a hard surface. A standard yoga mat generally has 1/8 inch of thickness. However, you can also choose thicker mats of 1/4 inch if you want a Better cushion underneath your joint. It would provide better stability.

Yes! A non-slip yoga mat is definitely a must for practising yoga on hard floor surfaces. It prevents slips and slides while practising the poses and also helps to maintain proper alignment. Non-slip yoga mats can prevent injury as they have a good grip on the floor and help you practise different poses with ease.

Yes! Most of the yoga mats we provide can be cleaned with household techniques. All you need is a mild soap and water solution for cleaning, wiping down, and air drying. This is the best way to maintain a sanitised practice.

If you regularly travel for yoga sessions, it is important that you look for lightweight materials. Because of their lightweight properties, you can choose EVA or cotton yoga mats. Regardless of your choice, you can buy yoga mats online in India from us.