If you practise yoga on a regular basis, you already know the importance of a yoga mat. But, if you have to travel to your yoga trainer on a regular basis, it is important to pay attention to the other essentials.

Choosing a good quality yoga mat that suits your level, preferences, and style is definitely imperative, but it is equally important to pay attention to the yoga mat strap.

A yoga mat carrying strap is known to be a useful accessory that eases the yoga journey. It ensures that you can carry a yoga mat easily without feeling bulky on your shoulders.

It is not only about carrying the yoga mat easily, but it also acts as a prop in several poses and helps you store it properly.

The best part is you will a range of benefits from choosing these straps. If you want to know more, check these details. 

What do you mean by a yoga mat strap?

A yoga mat strap is commonly referred to as a long fabric piece that is usually manufactured with nylon or cotton. There are buckles or loops on both ends of the yoga mat straps.

You can easily wrap it around the yoga mat and secure it properly on the buckles to carry it. This way, it becomes a sling and helps you carry it easily to your yoga class.

This is also why it is popular as a yoga mat carrying strap.

However, you must understand that a yoga mat strap differs greatly from a yoga mat bag. Bags are generally bulky and larger in size, which can fit the entire yoga mat along with several other items.

However, if you’re looking for a compact and lighter alternative, nothing can be better than choosing a yoga mat strap to carry your yoga mat.

What are the other benefits of choosing the right yoga mat strap?

When it comes to finding a quality yoga mat strap, choosing the right yoga mat manufacturer in India is the first important requirement.

A manufacturer with clear knowledge about the needs and requirements of yoga practitioners will always help you provide the right varieties.

Following are the benefits of choosing the best quality strap. 

Improve your Alignment:

One of the primary benefits of choosing a high-quality yoga mat strap is that it is not only beneficial in carrying the yoga mat but also helps in maintaining a proper alignment while practising poses that need more balance and flexibility.

You can use the strap to hold the spine straight or to align your shoulders and hips in a face position.

Improved Flexibility:

Choosing the right strap is also extremely beneficial when it is about stretching your tendons and muscles safely and effectively.

For beginners who do not have much flexibility, using this strap can be beneficial to deepen the stretch without compromising on the poses or having a risk of injury. However, make sure that you’re guided by the best yoga practitioner if you are a beginner.

Increases the Range of Motions:

The next, most important benefit of choosing a yoga mat strap is that it is beneficial for increasing your mobility and motion in the joints.

Using these high-quality straps can be beneficial or helpful while moving the limbs in different angles and directions, which might not be possible without help. You will even find your practitioner asking for a strap for practising different poses.

Easily Carrying your Yoga Mat:

Lastly, the most evident benefit of choosing the strap is that it will allow you to carry it seamlessly.

Rather than opting for the bulky yoga bags, you can simply use these straps to carry your yoga mat and practise the poses that can be challenging otherwise. Hence, it is also popular as a yoga mat carrying strap.


When you choose the right quality and type of yoga mat carrying strap, they can be beneficial in a myriad of ways.

If you wish to leverage these benefits, it is essential to choose the right store or manufacturer. When you choose the right platform, you are offered the best options that help you get the best from your investments. 

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