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EVA, TPE, Cork, Cotton and Jute




2×6 ft., 3×6.5 ft.


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Blue, Black and Many More!


Plain, Layered

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Made in india

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Yoga, a popular wellness ritual in society, thrives with premium mats. Discover your ideal online yoga mat destination in Mumbai at MatsMania, where your quest concludes.

Elevate Your Yoga with Superior Mats

Focused practice in yoga isn’t just for physical fitness; it’s also crucial for mental wellness. Our premium yoga mats facilitate a smoother practice, enhancing both mental and physical health. Discover the finest yoga mat craftsmanship in Mumbai through our online store, where your quest for excellence concludes.

Cushions Support

Discover mats in our selection that cushion your joints, reducing discomfort during yoga.

Fosters Tranquility

A comfortable yoga mat allows for focused practice, nurturing mental serenity.

Supports Form

Achieve and maintain challenging yoga positions with the support of our high-quality mats.

Ensures Stability

Our mats are engineered for optimal grip and cushioning, aiding in your practice’s steadiness.

Promotes Ease

Our selection of yoga mats enhances your practice with unparalleled comfort and ease.

Enhances Practice

Opt for our premium yoga mats in Mumbai to simplify mastering various yoga poses with comfort.

Yoga: A Path to Wellness

In today’s health-conscious era, yoga has emerged as a key to mental and physical harmony, becoming a staple in homes worldwide. Its effectiveness in promoting peace demands the right gear, particularly high-quality yoga mats. As leading yoga mat manufacturers in Mumbai, we deliver mats that excel in grip, comfort, and style.

We understand the importance of a non-slip mat for uninterrupted practice. Each mat in our collection is crafted with care to meet the demands of your yoga journey. Moreover, our competitive pricing ensures that you’ll return for all your yoga essentials. Whether you’re a beginner or run yoga classes, we’re equipped to support your practice.

Bulk Orders for Yoga Mats Accepted:

With yoga’s rising popularity, the demand for yoga mats has soared. Whether you’re in need of a single mat or a bulk supply, our Mumbai-based online shop offers top-notch yoga mats in quantity. Explore our range online to discover meticulously crafted designs, each produced with unparalleled attention to detail.

For those managing regular yoga classes or looking to launch a personal brand, custom branding on mats is essential. We possess the expertise to tailor yoga mats to your exact specifications, from aesthetics to material choice and thickness adjustments.

No matter your requirement – be it bulk purchases or bespoke modifications – we’re equipped to fulfill your diverse yoga mat needs efficiently.

Seeking Custom Yoga Mats?

For those who crave uniqueness beyond the standard offerings, our customization service caters to discerning individuals and brands aiming for a personalized touch. With our expertise, customize your yoga mat by selecting from a plethora of materials, colors, thickness, and sizes to match your exact needs.

Should you require specific adjustments due to physical conditions, rest assured, we accommodate individual customization requests, not just bulk orders. We’re here for every yogi, recognizing the importance of a mat that truly aligns with personal requirements and preferences, ensuring everyone receives our full attention in customization.


Alter the hue or feel of your mat. Pick a yoga mat from us in Mumbai, share your preferences, and we’ll take care of everything.


or those needing mats with specific thickness due to physical requirements, inform us, and we’ll ensure it’s tailored to your needs.


Need a mat that fits your space or supports your stature? Provide us with the details and dimensions, and we’ll customize it perfectly for you.

Catering to Your Unique Needs

Recognizing that everyone’s yoga journey is distinct, we’ve established a comprehensive yoga mat shop in Mumbai, ensuring access to premium mats tailored to varied preferences. Our extensive selection encompasses diverse materials, colors, sizes, and textures, offering ample choices. What sets us apart is our customization service, allowing mats to be tailored to individual physical needs and preferences, enhancing your yoga practice.

Explore our online shop for immediate shopping. For personalized mats crafted to your specifications, simply contact us with your requirements.

Discover a Range of Yoga Mats

Looking for yoga mats in Mumbai? Look no further. We provide a diverse selection to meet your specific needs. Our variety encompasses the use of distinct materials, each chosen for its breathability and superior qualities that facilitate effortless yoga practice.

We offer an extensive array of materials, from premium EVA, cork, cotton, TPE, to jute, aiming to be your go-to source for high-quality yoga mats. Our manufacturing process in Mumbai strictly follows the highest standards, ensuring you get the best for your practice.

Cotton is known for being incredibly soft and comfortable. A thick yoga mat made with cotton is biodegradable. You can easily fold it to any size and stay assured that it will not get damaged. This way, it becomes easy to carry everywhere, especially to your yoga class. It provides the cushioning you need underneath your feet but tends to absorb sweat.

Cotton Yoga Mats

Favored for their breathability and lightness, cotton yoga mats are a popular choice among Mumbai’s yogis. Their standout feature is hassle-free maintenance; a quick clean with common household supplies keeps them fresh without needing special care.

Jute Yoga Mats

Jute, a time-honored material versatile enough for carpets and rugs, makes an excellent choice for yoga mats. Its ease of maintenance and portability, coupled with superior breathability and natural anti-microbial properties, ensures a seamless yoga experience.

EVA Yoga Mats

MatsMania is your destination for premium EVA yoga mats, celebrated for their exceptional texture, grip, and durability. Designed to cushion your joints during various yoga poses, their anti-skid feature enhances safety and performance, making them a smart choice for yogis at all levels.


For those wondering where to buy premium yoga mats in Mumbai, MataMania is your destination. We strive to be your go-to source for top-tier yoga mats without straining your budget.

Indeed, as bespoke yoga mat creators in Mumbai, we offer customization to meet your specific needs. If you’re looking to modify the thickness of your yoga mat, just share your preferences with us, and we’ll tailor it accordingly.

Absolutely, customization is our specialty. From thickness and prints to texture and size, we cater to all your unique needs. Reach out with your requirements, and we’ll make it happen.

Yes, we welcome bulk orders. As Mumbai’s leading yoga mat manufacturers, we’re equipped to handle large quantities, including customized requests.

We utilize only the finest materials in our yoga mat production, ensuring each mat meets our high standards. Choose according to what best fits your practice needs.