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Yoga Mats Manufacturer in Chennai

If you understand the benefits of yoga practice, you must be looking forward to starting it. However, yoga practice is only possible when you have the best quality yoga mat or meditation mats. These mats offer the antiskid properties that you need while practicing. If you are in search of a high-quality yoga mat in Chennai, you have landed on the right page. Here you can get some of the high-quality yoga mat brands.

At MatsMania, we have the most expansive collection of the best-quality yoga mats online. We aim to become the leading choice for a high-quality yoga mat that helps you practice yoga easily. We have a vast range of materials and offer custom-printed yoga mats in Chennai to make it the right destination for you. Besides, using high-quality materials for manufacturing yoga mats in Chennai makes us a reliable choice for you. These online yoga mats have excellent properties to prevent accidents.

MatsMania : We Make Buying Yoga Mats Easier With Our Online Website

In today’s era, everything is available online. So we are here to give you a chance to buy branded yoga mats online in a few simple steps. With us, you get the best grip yoga mat to help you practice different yoga postures. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, our wide range of online yoga products lets you buy what you need for a seamless yoga practice. You can simply visit our website and take a look at the different varieties of branded yoga mats available.

We know that not everyone is tech-savvy, so we have made sure to keep a user-friendly website for a seamless journey. Landing on our website will help you to take a look at the different yoga mats available with us. We use a range of materials, from TPE, PVC, cotton, jute, and cork, for manufacturing a yoga mat. These are also popular as meditation mats. You can simply browse the collection and reach us to know more about the online yoga mat price.

We make sure to assist you throughout the next steps for a successful buying.

  • You can make bulk purchases of yoga mats.
  • We provide the best grip yoga mat to our customers
  • We offer wholesale prices for yoga mats.
  • We assist you throughout the buying journey.
  • We are available round the clock to assist you and answer your queries.
  • We help you to understand the suitable material for your use.

We Hold a Vast Collection of Different Types of Yoga Mats

We know that different people have different requirements, and so their choices differ from one to another. To make sure that everyone gets something according to their preferences, we keep a vast collection of high-quality yoga mats. We can guarantee that these are the best yoga mats available online in Chennai. Following are some of the major types of yoga mats that will help you to meditate and practice.

  • TPE yoga mat: TPE yoga mats are often one of the most common choices of yoga mats online. It is a complicated variety manufactured with rubber and plastic. These yoga mats have elastomeric and thermoplastic properties, helping them get a range of properties. A TPE yoga mat has more longevity or is lightweight yet strong and heat and chemical resistant. The excellent cushion and grip underneath these mats make it easier to fold and hold.
  • Cork yoga mat: Cork yoga mats are the next variety known for being natural. These are manufactured using tree bark which makes them eco-friendly yoga mats. Cleaning this product is extremely easy and comes with great antiskid properties. Generally, a cork yoga mat is manufactured with a rubber base to improve its anti skid properties. Irrespective of the practice level, this yoga mat provides the softness and grip you seek.
  • EVA yoga mat: EVA is the most popular variety of yoga mats available in our store. It is known for excellent shelf life and being lightweight. It is reasonably priced and has moisture resistance. An EVA yoga mat offers the cushion required when practicing yoga or meditating. It is also a popular meditation mat available at a wholesale price in Chennai. We are just a call away if you are looking for a yoga mat shop in Chennai offering high-quality EVA yoga mats.
  • Cotton yoga mats: Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics in the world that does not require any introduction. Cotton is increasingly popular for its fantastic softness, whether it is about clothing or carpet. However, when you choose a cotton yoga mat, you need to know that these are meant for sophisticated use. However, cotton yoga mats are known to be easily carried and folded. We have a reasonable online yoga mat price for you to get high-quality cotton mats.
  • Jute yoga mats: Jute is most popular when it comes to carpets, mats and rugs. A jute yoga mat is also famous as an eco-friendly product that has been used since ancient times. It has excellent varieties in terms of prints and is known for being skin friendly. You can easily fold a jute yoga mat and stay sure that it won’t be damaged. Make sure you visit our website and look at the jute yoga mats to make a choice. You can also custom print yoga mats if you wish.

Best Selling Yoga Mats In Chennai

The 24*72*6mm EVA mats are the top-selling yoga mats in Chennai.

From the different varieties of yoga mats available in our store, this particular size of EVA mats available online had the most demand. The quality and reasonably priced is perhaps one of the biggest reasons for being the top-selling product.

Why Choose MatsMania?

MatsMania aims to become the first choice when you look for high-quality yoga mats online. We are a leading yoga mat manufacturer in Chennai, offering you custom yoga mats at wholesale price. Apart from this, there is a wide range of other benefits that makes us the right choice for your purchase.

  • We assist you throughout the buying journey.
  • We have years of experience and knowledge.
  • We offer the fastest yoga mat delivery.
  • We provide yoga mats at a wholesale price.
  • You can bulk buy yoga mats from us.
  • We have a simple website with different varieties of yoga mats.
  • We offer custom printed yoga mats.


Which is the best yoga mat?

All the different varieties of yoga mats included in our list are known for being some of the best types available in the market. So it is according to your budget and needs that you need to decide on the best yoga mat. You can choose cork, TPE and EVA materials if you want a reasonable and durable material. However, if you want an eco-friendly mat with an amazing grip, you can choose a cotton or jute yoga mat.

How much does a yoga mat cost?

The cost of a yoga mat depends on the type you’re choosing. Different materials have different prices associated, which is why you need to check out the yoga mat and then call us so that we can help you with other essential details.

Which is the best type of yoga mat for the skin?

Cotton and jute are known for being breathable materials and do not react to your skin.

Yoga has a direct impact on your mind and body. If you want a healthy and wealthy lifestyle, start practising yoga on the best quality yoga mats to enjoy a great lifestyle. Visit our website today if you are looking for the leading yoga mat manufacturer in Chennai.

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