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Mats Mania

Are you looking for one of the best yoga mat shops in Chennai? If so, MatsMania is your final destination for finding high-quality yoga mats at a reasonable price. With us, you can get uncompromised quality mats. 

Yoga Mats Are Indispensable for Practice

Yoga is one of the most common practices made by people to ensure a healthy mind and body. High-quality yoga mats are synonymous with being the perfect companion for practice. Being one of the top yoga mat dealers in Chennai, we aim to provide the best quality at the most competitive prices. Following are the reasons why yoga mats are indispensable for yoga mats.


A yoga mat offers the comfort you look for when practising yoga. It reduces the pressure on your shoulders, back, and knees.

Prevent Injuries

The yoga mat available at MatsMania provides enough support that prevent injuries with its non-slip and stable grip.


Using a personal yoga mat can be a beneficial decision for maintaining health and hygiene while practising yoga.


Rather than practising on cold, bare floors, you can use a high-quality, comfortable yoga mat to get the warmth.


The high-quality materials and strong grip of the yoga mat provide the balance and stability you need to practise.


When you use a yoga mat that lets you practice yoga properly without feeling any pain, you can focus even more.

Uncompromised Quality Yoga Mats

Practising yoga is all about improving your physical and mental stability. However, yoga practice is incomplete without choosing the right mat. You might get several choices for yoga mat manufacturers in Chennai, but it is important to always pay attention to the quality. Undermining the quality would only make it a big problem to practise yoga. As concentration is a major part of practising this ancient format, quality yoga mats are necessary.

As we believe in maintaining a healthy standard and encouraging people to practise yoga, we never undermine the need for quality yoga mats. Each variety and type of mat present in our selection has been manufactured with unprecedented quality. Whether it is about stability, grip, comfort, Balance, or looks, we have got you covered in every aspect.

We provide Bulk Mats:

If you’re thinking about where to buy yoga mat in Chennai, you have us for your requirement. However, if you’re someone who has your own studio and helps people practise yoga, you can choose us for bulk orders. If you want to create your own brand and customise the products according to your brand, we are here to fulfil your expectations.

Whether it is about placing an order for bulk yoga mats or you are looking forward to customising the product according to your unique requirements, we have the ability to fulfil your needs. Apart from this, you can also remain assured that we will provide the best price for bulk orders.

We Aim To be Different

In today’s market, where you find a lot of yoga mat dealers in Chennai, it can sometimes become a little bit hassling to decide on one. However, we aim to differentiate us through our services and products. With us, you can remain assured of uncompromised quality at the most competitive prices.

Being a part of this market for decades now has helped us to gather ample knowledge about yoga mat. Therefore, we aim to manufacture desirable quality mats.


We have never compromised on quality while manufacturing yoga mats to ensure comfort.


We understand people’s different requirements, so we have a big inventory.


We provide you the opportunity to choose a high-quality yoga mat in Chennai at the most reasonable price.

Customize Your Yoga Mat

We give you this opportunity to customise a yoga mat according to your requirements.

We can meet and exceed your expectations if you want to change the thickness and size according to your physical needs and requirements. Apart from this, if you want to customise the look of these mats, you can send us your requirements, and we will make the changes accordingly.

All you need is to reach our customer service and tell us your requirements so that we can start working on the yoga mat.

Variety of Yoga Mats

We aim to become the one-stop solution for your need for high-quality yoga mats. We understand that different people require different varieties, and hence, we are one of the yoga mat shops in Chennai providing a diverse range of yoga mats. Each type is known for its unique range of advantages that will be beneficial for you when practicing yoga sessions.

Cork Yoga Mats

The high-quality cork yoga mats in our inventory are known as premium-quality mats. They are uniquely crafted with high-quality eco-friendly cork, which offers a natural anti-microbial surface and ensures a hygienic and clean practice. Additionally, if you’re allergic, you can remain assured that the cork yoga available with us will be fulfilling for you.

Cotton Yoga Mats

If you’re someone who requires a breathable mat that is easy to carry, our cotton yoga mat in Chennai can be your perfect fit. These are known to be a breathable material that can be easily carried everywhere. In addition to this, cotton is easy to maintain and can be the perfect choice for your yoga practice session.

EVA Yoga Mats

EVA Yoga mats are among the premium quality yoga mats that have all the qualities that you require to enjoy a great yoga practice session. As we understand their focus and dedication are much required while yoga practice to enjoy its ultimate benefits, we thoughtfully designed the yoga mats with perfect size and thickness to make them a valuable addition to your yoga practice session.


You will probably get overwhelming choices of yoga mat shops in Chennai, but when it comes to desire quality at the most competitive price, MatsMania can fulfil your requirements. With sustainable materials and the ability to customise products, we aim to be your perfect choice for high-quality and durable mats.

Yes, but you have to make sure that the yoga mat shops in Chennai provide legit quality materials. You can choose our material instead, as we ensure uncompromised yoga mat quality at the most competitive price.

Not all dealers will customise yoga mats according to your needs. However, we keep our slots open for customisation as we understand its requirements.

MatsMania provides you with the opportunity to choose a yoga mat at wholesale price in Chennai. This is especially beneficial for people who are willing to place bulk orders.

The best type of yoga mat generally depends on the type you are looking for. However, all types of materials we use are known for their quality, durability, and sustainability.