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EVA, TPE, Cork, Cotton and Jute




2×6 ft., 3×6.5 ft.


On Bulk Orders


Blue, Black and Many More!


Plain, Layered

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Made in india

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Searching for the perfect yoga mat in Bangalore? Look no further—MatsMania presents an incredible opportunity to purchase premium yoga mats at unbeatable wholesale rates.

MatsMania: Your Premier Destination for Yoga Mats

At MatsMania, we’re dedicated to providing superior yoga mats that enhance your practice and comfort. Our goal is to be recognized as a top provider of yoga mats in Bangalore, offering an extensive selection that exceeds your expectations. We commit to excellence by utilizing precise and premium materials in our manufacturing process.

Diverse Selection

Wide range of yoga mats for every need and preference. Find your perfect match!

Exceptional Quality

We share your quality concerns, using only top-tier materials for yoga mats.


Our yoga mats stand out for their exceptional quality and long-lasting durability.

Affordable Prices

High-quality yoga mats at prices that fit your budget—our commitment to you.

Custom Options

At MatsMania, customizable options meet variety for your perfect yoga mat choice.

Dedicated Support

Questions on products or prices? Our customer service is here to help with all your needs.

Enhancing Focus During Yoga Sessions

Yoga, a practice valued since ancient times, benefits both body and mind. Essential to its practice is concentration. Yet, discomfort can divert attention from the essence of yoga.

Our premium yoga mats are designed to support your sessions. Crafted with meticulous attention to quality, thickness, and cushioning, they minimize joint discomfort, enabling you to concentrate on your practice.

Discover the perfect yoga mat for your needs in our online store, offering exceptional quality at the best prices in Bangalore.

Your Go-To Source for Premium Yoga Mats in Bangalore

As yoga gains popularity among those dedicated to wellness, the quest for superior yoga mats grows. Your journey to find a top-tier yoga mat dealer in Bangalore concludes with us, aspiring to be your first choice for premium quality mats.

Suitable for both yoga enthusiasts and instructors, the ideal yoga mat awaits you here. Furthermore, should you require customization to accommodate specific health or physical needs, we’re at your service.

Share your specifications with us, and we’ll tailor our solutions to enhance your yoga experience. Our ultimate goal is to support your practice and maximize your enjoyment.

Contact us today to secure the yoga mat that meets all your needs.

Your Go-To Source for Premium Yoga Mats in Bangalore

Customized to Your Needs

As we strive to be your preferred yoga mat manufacturer in Bangalore, our approach is all about flexibility. We understand the unique requirements each yogi has, and our customization services are designed to meet those diverse needs. 

Rest assured, whether you have specific preferences or are in search of something distinct, we excel in crafting mats tailored to your wishes.


Colors & Patterns

Choose your preferred hues and designs for a yoga mat that reflects your style.


Lengths Tailored

Specify your mat’s length—short or long, we’ll customize to fit your practice.


Custom Thickness

For those with joint or physical concerns, we offer tailored thickness for your comfort.

Shop Yoga Mats at Unbeatable Rates

Concerned about yoga mat costs in Bangalore? Rest easy. We’re committed to offering quality within your budget. From single mats to bulk purchases for your training space, our collection caters to your every need.

For bulk orders, especially for trainers with their own studios, our online assortment promises variety and value. Expect to find prices significantly lower than standard retail, ensuring your investment is as beneficial as your practice.

Explore Our Diverse Yoga Mats Collection

Yoga, now a staple in homes, requires mats as unique as the practitioners. Our selection caters to every yogi’s individual needs, with the goal to be Bangalore’s finest source for custom yoga mats.

With our expertise, we provide a spectrum of types to suit every practice. Whether you seek customization in thickness, texture, color, or size, we are ready to tailor mats that blend elegance with comfort and practicality. Your search for style and functionality in a yoga mat ends with us.

Cork Yoga Mats

Elevate your practice with our exquisite cork yoga mats. Celebrated for its natural luxury and antimicrobial properties, cork ensures a clean and refreshing practice session. For further customization, we’re just a message away.

jute yoga mat rolled up
rolled-up blue and white cotton yoga mat

Cotton Yoga Mats

Find top-tier cotton yoga mats right here in Bangalore. Revered for its widespread use in India, cotton offers unbeatable comfort and breathability, ideal for daily transport to classes.

EVA Yoga Mats

Looking for bulk EVA yoga mats? As a leading dealer in Bangalore, we fulfill your specific needs with ease. Lightweight, moisture-resistant, and a breeze to maintain, our EVA mats are a popular choice among yogis.

EVA yoga mat rolled up


Look no further than MatsMania for top-notch yoga mats in Bangalore. We are committed to delivering exceptional mats that balance quality with affordability, ensuring we are your go-to choice.

For bulk purchases, a local manufacturer like us is ideal. Personalize your order to fit your exact needs, and benefit from direct-from-manufacturer pricing, eliminating extra costs from intermediaries.

Customization varies among dealers. At MatsMania, we welcome it, tailoring the thickness, size, and design to suit your unique preferences.

Yes, by choosing us, a local manufacturer, you avoid middleman markups, securing premium mats at cost-effective prices. Contact us today to start your savings.

The “best” mat depends on your individual needs. We offer a variety from Cotton to Cork, EVA, TPE, and Jute—each selected for their distinctive benefits to enhance your yoga practice.