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Yoga Mats Manufacturer in Bengaluru

A good quality yoga mat provides the stability that you need while practising the different posters, gives a strong grip and reduces the chances of slipping. We at MatsMania aims to cater to your diverse requirements with exceptional selections of Yoga mats in Bengaluru. With us, you can shop for yoga mats online and enjoy stress-free and seamless yoga practice.

Whenever you decide to start practising, you need to pay equal importance to the yoga mat. It requires you to be extremely comfortable in different postures, which means an exercise mat can be highly beneficial. When you choose the best yoga mat for you, you can enjoy a range of advantages. So, at MatsMania, we pay attention to providing you with high-quality custom yoga mats. We are a yoga mats manufacturer in Bengaluru who has been in this business for a long time, and now we have decided to provide yoga mats online.

MatsMania Makes Yoga Mat Online Shopping A Breeze

You can find everything online these days, so why not a good-quality and best-grip yoga mat? We are here to make the shopping process easy. With us, we will be able to buy yoga mat online according to your needs. We pay attention to convenience and offer these eco-friendly yoga mats at the best price.

With our user-friendly interface on the website, we make it easy for you to check all the different types of yoga mats. Whether you are looking for a cotton yoga mat, cork yoga mat, TPE yoga mat, or other eco-friendly yoga mats, we are here to meet your diverse requirements. Not only you can shop for a yoga mat for personal reasons. But also we provide the convenience of making bulk buy of yoga mats.

Our simple checkout process makes it convenient to get through the overall process. We not only aim to become the one-stop choice when you look for an online yoga mat shop in Bangalore but also make the entire process seamless and offer a reasonable price.

  • We offer you the chance to choose bulk yoga mats
  • We provide you with the chance to custom yoga mats
  • You get a wide variety of yoga mats on our website
  • We have a very simple and convenient user interface
  • Our checkout process is extremely safe and secure

MatsMania – ultimate stop to shop for different types of yoga mats in Bengaluru


We comprehend the different requirements of people when it comes to choosing an online yoga mat. So we at MatsMania have decided to keep a wide selection of different types of yoga mats to make it easier for you to decide.

Cotton Yoga Mats

Cotton is probably one of the most preferred choices when it comes to fabric. Cotton is widespread among yogis, whether it is clothing or yoga mat. It is known for being extremely soft and comfortable, but it is good for sophisticated use. Cotton is known for its strength and can be created in a range of styles.

  • These are biodegradable and recyclable
  • Very easy to carry everywhere
  • Absorbs sweat
  • Provide the questioning that you need while practising
  • It can be folded without any quality damage

Cork Yoga Mats

Color Red,Green,Blue
Size 24X72,233X34

Cork yoga mats are relatively new compared to other yoga mats. These are generally manufactured in a comprehensive process. These are created from the bark of trees which makes them completely natural. However, you have to make sure that the cork yoga mats have a good rubber base; otherwise, they will simply slip off. Just like any other natural materials, these mats are very easy to use.

  • Biodegradable and available in different designs
  • You can clean it very easily
  • The bark texture gives it an excellent balance and grip
  • Easily absorbed sweat
  • It has a great blend of softness and roughness
  • Friendly for your skin

TPE Yoga Mats

Color Red,Green,Blue
Size 24X72,233X34

TPE yoga mats are another mostly chosen yoga mats available in the market. These are the alternative materials used for creating the mats. It is actually a combination of rubber and plastic. It has elastomeric and thermoplastic properties, which makes it strong, recyclable, lightweight, chemical resistant, and heat resistant. These are known for their longevity. It is the best non-slip yoga mat.

  • These are recyclable yoga mats
  • The TPE mats are known for their longevity and durability
  • The combination of rubber offers excellent cushion and grip
  • These mats are lightweight and travel friendly
  • It can be easily folded
  • These are colourless and skin-friendly

EVA Yoga Mats

Color Red,Green,Blue
Size 24X72,233X34

EVA materials are known for being cost-effective and a foam variant. It has huge longevity and does not wear off quickly. These are mostly available at a very affordable price. With us, you can find high-quality EVA yoga mats online. In fact, it is one of our best-selling yoga mat types.

  • These are very lightweight
  • EVA comes at an affordable price
  • These are moisture-resistant materials
  • EVA mats have great cushioning
  • These are very easy to clean

Jute Yoga Mats

Color Red,Green,Blue
Size 24X72,233X34

Jute yoga mats are also popular as eco-friendly yoga mats. These have been most famous in humans for a long time. You can find these materials in carpets, rugs and covers. You can get in touch with us to get the best grip yoga mat.

  • It is a biodegradable material
  • Offers the best grip
  • Jute materials are known for their durability
  • Resistant to rain, moisture and sunlight
  • They have excellent breathability

Get The Best Yoga Mats in Bengaluru

Our top-rated and best Yoga mat is the 24*72*6mm EVA.

We aim to become the best yoga mat brand by offering high-quality mats at the best yoga mats price. These EVA mats are available in great designs and have exceptional durability. We have received most orders on EVA mats in size 24*72*6mm, as they tend to be much more durable and do not wear off easily.

We ensure fast delivery of yoga mats to our customers.

We provide round-the-clock services to answer your questions.

We offer you high-quality yoga mats at wholesale price.

You can place bulk orders of yoga mats at an affordable price from us.

We also customize yoga mats according to your wish.

Our primary objective is to offer unparalleled quality mats.


What is the online yoga mat price in Bangalore?

The yoga mat price varies a lot from one product to another. You have to decide on the type of yoga mat that you would like to purchase to find the yoga mat price online.

Which is the best type of yoga mat?

Most of the names we have mentioned are the best variant of yoga mats. However, if you are looking for an eco-friendly yoga mat, you can choose jute or cotton, and to ensure durability, you can select EVA materials.

Which is the best store offering yoga mat near me?

You can choose MatsMania as we work with the only purpose of offering the best grip yoga mats at a reasonable price. Besides, you also get the best yoga mat price online.

Yoga has exceptional advantages for both the mind and body. However, it becomes a challenge until you have a quality yoga mat that can support you. Choose MatsMania if you are in search of custom yoga mats or the best grip yoga mats at wholesale price.

We are here to cater to your individual needs without breaking your pocket.

Reach us today or drop an email.

Why Choose MatsMania?

We aim to provide unparalleled services and products in a market with overwhelming choices. Not only do you get the best yoga mat online in Bengaluru, but also we give you the freedom to customize the mats if you wish.

  • We provide fast shipping to our valuable clients
  • We are available 24/7 to answer your queries
  • We offer competitive and reasonable yoga mat prices
  • We provide you with the opportunity to order bulk yoga mats
  • We are the only name offering custom yoga mats
  • We never compromise on the quality of yoga mats
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