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Yoga Mats Manufacturer in Pune

Practising yoga has incredible benefits for your body and mind. With people around the world understanding the immense benefit of practising yoga, it is becoming popular among people. However, practising yoga requires high-quality yoga mats. Without a proper yoga mat having the right thickness and offering cushion underneath, it is certainly not possible to practice the different levels of yoga. At MatsMania, we have some of the broadest collections of high-quality yoga mats. We aim to become your final destination to your search for the best yoga mat manufacturer in Pune.

We aim to improve our collection as we know that everyone has a different choice. Increasing the variety of yoga mats would help our customers make a choice according to their requirements. Whether you are a beginner or an expert or in the intermediate levels, taking a look at our online website will help you to browse a gigantic collection of yoga mats. As we know, aesthetic appeal plays a crucial role, you can find supreme quality printed yoga mats with a desirable thickness and cushion in our collection.

MatsMania: Shop for Appealing Yoga Mats in Some Simple Steps

We understand that it can be really hectic to do the leg work and find the best quality yoga mat for yourself. In today’s date, when everything is available online, we aim to become the final choice when people look for different varieties of yoga mats online. We manufacture branded yoga mats in Pune made with different materials and prints to acquire a strong grip and thickness. Just browse through our collection and buy a yoga mat online from us.

If you’re not a tech-savvy person but looking for an antiskid yoga mat online, it might be a challenging process. Thankfully, we are here to make it easier for you. Our online website lets you buy yoga mats in Pune in a few simple steps. We have a user-friendly website that can be accessible to help you take a look at the different materials. Once you land on our website, make sure to browse the collection of yoga mats, including Jute yoga mats, Cotton yoga mats, TPE yoga mats, Cork yoga mats, EVA yoga mats and custom yoga mats. In just a few clicks, we ensure that it will be done.

We kept in mind the different varieties and the needs of people. Hence we made sure that our collection will surpass your needs.

  • You can make bulk buy yoga mats.
  • You can finest qualities and variants of meditation mats.
  • You have a huge variety of anti-skid yoga mats.
  • You can buy yoga mats online at wholesale prices.
  • We have a simple UI to make it easy for you to browse.
  • We help you in the buying process.
  • You can call us anytime.

Satisfy Your Requirements With The Huge Collection of Yoga Mats

If you’re already tired of shopping for a high-quality yoga mat in Pune, you have dropped to the right page. With the vast collection and variety of yoga mats, we provide you with uncountable options to choose from. We aim to cater for the different requirements of people looking for the best varieties of meditation mats.

  • Cotton yoga mats: Cotton has been one of the most commonly known fabrics since ancient times. When it comes to clothing, cotton is probably one of the most commonly chosen fabrics for people. It is a natural product, and hence it is an eco-friendly yoga mat. However, cotton yoga mats are known for being extremely sophisticated. These mats can be easily folded without worrying about being damaged. The excellent grip and antiskid properties make this a breathable product and the best choice for you.
  • Jute yoga mat: Jute is a natural product which is most commonly used for making rugs, covers and carpets. We provide high-quality jute yoga mats solely manufactured with proper grip and antiskid properties. These materials ensure the easy practice of yoga. Jute is known for being a biodegradable and eco-friendly yoga mat. It is a breathable product, and you can stay assured of not getting damaged when folded. Find some of the best prints of jute yoga mats in our collection.
  • TPE yoga mats: TPE is another common material available for manufacturing yoga mats. However, the material is complex as it is manufactured with both plastic and rubber materials. This helps yoga mats acquire thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. These properties in yoga mat help to acquire several features like improved longevity and strength, resistance to chemicals and heat and several other features. It is known for having an excellent grip and can be easily folded.
  • EVA Yoga mat: EVA is one of the most commonly chosen materials for yoga mats by people. It is popular in the market due to being available in different colours and prints yet at a very affordable price.  This material is moisture-resistant and highly lightweight. You can easily carry it without feeling heavy. The grip and cushion of this material make it the best choice for practising yoga at different levels. So irrespective of the kind of practice you’re doing, you can blindly choose EVA yoga mats.
  • Cork yoga mats: Cork is relatively new compared to the other materials. However, these are natural products made with tree bark. It is an eco-friendly product known for being biodegradable. You can easily clean a cork yoga mat with simple household methods. It has a rubber base which provides the antiskid property along with incredible softness to ensure comfort. With a cork yoga mat, you can practice different levels of yoga.

Our Best-Selling Product

We have a wide variety of yoga mats, but 24*72*6mm EVA mats are the best-selling yoga mats in Pune from the entire store.

We have experienced frequent orders of this particular variant of a yoga mat. Since EVA is available in a range of prints and has an affordable price, it is probably one of the most common choices. As we aim to become the final choice for the best yoga mats manufacturer in Pune, we would certainly suggest you choose EVA material if you have a tight budget but are looking for a comfortable mat.

What Makes MatsMania Unique?

MatsMania has been created by people who have been in this industry for more than a decade now. We understand the need for antiskid yoga mats built with excellent materials. Apart from this, we know that you are looking for high-quality yoga mats in Pune at affordable prices. We aim to become the final choice for everyone.

  • We keep the widest collection of yoga mats in our store.
  • We ensure fast delivery of meditation mats.
  • We assist our customers in the buying process
  • We manufacture superior-quality yoga mats.
  • We offer constant assistance while purchasing.
  • You can make a bulk purchase of yoga mats.
  • You can customise the prints on a yoga mat.
  • We understand the different yoga practice levels to manufacture.
  • We have decades of experience.


Which is the right yoga mat for expert yoga practitioners?

All the different types of yoga mats available in our store are known for being the best. You can choose a yoga mat, depending on your choice. Every yoga mat from different materials will provide all the qualities like antiskid, breathability, easy folding and portability to you.

How to maintain a yoga mat?

Taking care of these yoga mats available in our store is nothing out of the box. It is a simple process that you can follow to clean these yoga mats. Cotton and Jute yoga mats can be cleaned in a simple household process along with the other TPE and EVA yoga mats. It does not require professional cleaning.

Which is the right type of yoga mat?

You can choose any variety of yoga mats. It all comes down to your choice. EVA and TPE yoga mats can be used by people from different levels in yoga. While cotton and jute yoga mats are the best choices for experts.

MatsMania is created for everyone who wants to enjoy healthy living by practising yoga. We are the top yoga mat manufacturer in Pune, offering you the widest variety of yoga mats at a reasonable price.

Buy one for you today.

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