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Yoga Mats Manufacturer in Gurgaon

If you are looking for the best yoga mat that can help you practice yoga by offering proper grip and cushion underneath, you have landed on the right page. We at MatsMania offer some of the high-quality exercise mats in Gurgaon to our customers. We aim to provide the best yoga products online that aim to improve your practice. We keep a vast collection of yoga mats online to be able to deliver a product according to your specific requirements. We have an option for everyone with different tastes.

As yoga practice has become prevalent in recent years, there is more demand for high-quality yoga mats among practitioners. Thankfully, we are one of the best yoga mat brands in Gurgaon and each product with us is made from different materials. As we have been a part of this industry for quite a long time, we make sure that our collection of yoga mats will be able to satisfy the needs of experts, intermediates and beginners. So if you’re looking for custom yoga mats at wholesale price in Gurgaon, we are here to provide the best offerings.

Shopping for a yoga mat online has become simple with us

We know it is not always possible to do the legwork to find a superior-quality yoga mat in Gurgaon. Not every time is it possible to run here and there. Hence, we are here to offer some of the best yoga mats online in a few simple steps. We make sure that it won’t be complicated, but you will be able to easily do yoga mat shopping online in Gurgaon with a few simple steps.

We have maintained a straightforward user interface to help you have a seamless experience. You can visit our online shop and take a look at the different varieties of yoga mats online. We offer a reasonable wholesale price for quality yoga mats, but you need to reach us to get comprehensive guidance with the checkout process and pricing details. We make the buying experience easier for people of different ages.


Get some of the largest varieties of yoga mats in Gurgaon

We know that no two people have the same choice, so we aim to expand our collection with a wide variety of yoga mats. We have always worked with the only agenda to assist people; hence we bring you a wide variety of yoga mats to our collection.

  • Cotton yoga mats: Cotton is one of the ancient fabrics that has been known for years now. Whether it is about clothing or carpet, cotton is one of those fabrics available everywhere. These are eco-friendly yoga mats that experts and yogis use. These are known for providing the exceptional comfort and softness you need. A thick cotton yoga mat is biodegradable and can be carried everywhere without damage. However, these are a little bit sophisticated and need to be used properly.
  • Cork yoga mats: Cork is a relatively new kind of material compared to jute and cotton. It is manufactured from tree bark and hence is again a naturally biodegradable product. These mats are created by using a rubber base underneath to get a proper grip. You can find a wide variety of prints available on the cork yoga mat. Besides, cleaning cork mats are very easy and offer an excellent grip underneath your feet. When it is accompanied by a rubber base, it becomes one of the best anti-skid yoga mats.
  • TPE yoga mat: TPE yoga mats are one of the most commonly chosen types as it is a combination of rubber and plastic. Hence, these kinds of yoga mats have both elastomeric and thermoplastic properties, making them gain some high-end properties. These are recyclable, chemical resistant, heat resistant, lightweight yet strong and have great longevity. If you are looking for an anti-skid yoga mat, TPE yoga mats are certainly the best choice. The cushion and grip it offers will help you practice yoga at different levels.
  • EVA yoga mats: EVA is one of the widely chosen materials when it comes to choosing a yoga mat. EVA materials are the foam variants which are available at a very reasonable price. It is a commonly chosen type of material known for being extremely lightweight and moisture-resistant. The cushion on the EVA yoga mats is exceptional and would not damage even after regular usage. It has excellent longevity.
  • Jute yoga mat: Another high-quality biodegradable, and eco-friendly yoga mat is the jute yoga mat. Jute is one of the most commonly used products for Rugs, carpets and covers. It has been used since ancient times. The grip and cushion provided will help to practice yoga easily. It is durable and can easily handle environmental changes. However, if you are thinking about skin friendliness, it is a great choice as the material is known for excellent breathability.

High-Rated Yoga Mat In MatsMania

The 24*72*6mm EVA mats are the most selling yoga mat in Gurgaon in our online store.

The price and excellent material are probably what add to its benefits. Besides, the size is simply the right choice for average height in India.

How is MatsMania Unique?

When you look for the leading yoga mat manufacturer in Gurgaon, the choices will be many. However, there is a need for you to check everything before you decide on the yoga mat manufacturer. We aim to become the one-stop solution and strive to provide everything that you can think of.

  • We offer fast delivery of yoga mats.
  • We help our customers in making the buying decision.
  • We are available to provide online assistance with pricing and checkout.
  • We customize the yoga mats as per your needs.
  • We take bulk orders.
  • We offer high-quality mats at a wholesale price.


How to choose the proper yoga mat manufacturer in Gurgaon?

Before you decide on the yoga mat manufacturer in Gurgaon, you need to pay attention to the experience. Remember that with experience, manufacturers get the expertise and have more contacts in the market. This will help you to get access to a wide range of products at a reasonable price.

Which is the right type of yoga mat?

The type of yoga mat depends on your use. If you are looking for a reasonably priced and durable yoga mat, you can choose EVA yoga mat. However, you can also choose cotton and jute material if you want an easy-to-carry yoga mat.

Why do you need a yoga mat?

As yoga requires practice on the floor surface, it can hurt your joints while practising different posters. With an anti-skid yoga mat that has a proper grip and cushion, you will be able to practice without any limitations.

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